Sunday, August 19, 2012

Monday Morning: Coffee and Cat

Coffee in the bowl on the desk, Charlie on the ledge at the window.

If it's a choice between opening the door to get a breeze going through to cool down the room in the early morning and keeping the annoying cat out of my room, I'm going to have to choose the breeze. I had the door shut last night so that the two cats and one dog weren't wandering in and out all night, and as a result the bedroom stayed at approximately the same temperature as it was outside yesterday, i.e. too hot. There's a trip to IKEA in the future for purchasing of things to make this a three-person rather than a two-person apartment, such as extra shelving and baskets for the kitchen and pantry, and I have a list of my own for this room: a hanging lamp near the bed, a shade for the glaring overhead light, skirt hangers (which I haven't found in any store yet), maybe another pillow or two, and I think I might add "screen door" to that list. Though as there are no screens in windows anywhere, that might be difficult to find.

I'm still having a hard time with the "full-time" aspect of freelancing, though maybe that's just the heat lately. Okay, maybe not. That's another reason why I haven't blogged this week - the heat, plus the other computer work, plus the not being able to arrange my day so that all the pieces slot together correctly. There's something to be said for externally-imposed schedules; I must work on my internal dayplanner now. I have my sunrise alarm clock hooked up, finally, after buying yet another transformer, and I think these early morning hours, coffee at hand, will be a good time to do the personal blogging. The swimming pool doesn't open until 9am, and that might be the next thing on the agenda. Then back to the apartment and work.

Of course, this doesn't include school, but I still don't know what's going on with that. I sent an e-mail to the program secretary and hope to hear from her this week, so that I can get enrolled (finally!) and see what classes are available for me to take this term. If I can't get into anything cheese-related, I'm considering first-year Italian. I've realized just how easy - well, relatively easy - it has been to fit in here in France, and how hard it would have been if I didn't speak French. Since I hope and plan to travel with this cheesy career, and Italy is (a) really close; and (b) another of the world's ancient cheese centers, it makes sense to get familiar with the language. Don't you think? Of course, there's Spain as well ... and Greece, and Bulgaria, and finding out if they make cheese in the former Soviet bloc countries like Estonia - and yes, I'll send you a postcard, Michael - and then traveling from Allgäuer to Ziegenrolle to see who's making cheese in Germany, and on and on. I'll either need to become polylingual or start earning enough money to hire translators. Both, by preference.

Speaking of which (the earning money part), it's time to shift gears and do a bit of paid blogging and then get back to work on my editing/rewriting project, while the day's still cool. It's about 60° right now but forecast to be back up to 90° by the end of the day, and since both my brain and my computer were overheating yesterday afternoon, I must take advantage of the fresh air this morning.

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