Thursday, December 6, 2012

Nous nous promenons

There's about a half-hour less sunlight here compared to Portland this time of year; for example, sunrise was at 8:30am and sunset at 5:07pm today, where Portland's day began at 7:36am and will end at 4:27pm. On the other hand, the days are mostly sunny, not rainy, and that makes a lot of difference. Not rainy so far, in any event. There's often fog in the morning, and sometimes that fog lasts throughout the day, but it's not the heavy leaden dark grey of a Willamette Valley winter, but a crisp silvery haze that filters the light instead of blocking it. And as I said, so far it's been fairly clear on average. Cold though, mostly in the low- to mid-40s during the day, and when I opened the shutters this morning there was frost on all the car windows. I saw on the news last night that the first big snowfall was making skiers happy in the Vosges, in the northeast, and motorists unhappy down south along the Pyrénées. They're predicting snow in Paris this weekend, and we might even get a little here tonight, though it won't last until morning. But that's okay, because I'm still wearing sandals to avoid irritating my big toe. My goal for next week, other than working ahead on my freelance postings, is to find a comfortable pair of warm boots, as well as a nice skirt that I can wear to dance at the wedding at the end of the month. Time to brave the seasonal crowds and try to take advantage of the holiday sales ...

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