Monday, March 4, 2013


The cranes have started their migration back from Africa to their summer home to the north and east in Russia. The first big flock passed overhead a few minutes ago, the harbinger of spring (along with the jonquils on my desk). There's even a website devoted to tracking the migration, and reports on the news, like the cherry-blossom forecast each spring in Japan.

I'm getting restless with the returning light. I had a massage today that was supposed to be just getting rid of typing-related aches and pains but Houria is like Sandy (thank god) and she reads my body better than I do, and suddenly she was digging her thumbs into my belly button and unblocking what was apparently a huge black snarl of stagnant energy that was keeping me from breathing and it hurt but then it all went away and I couldn't stop taking huge deep breaths and I felt like a hummingbird after getting up off the table, all vibration and lightness. Of course, she says I'll probably feel like crap for the next two days, but it's worth it. I need the free flow of energy and strength for this month of work, and the next month of work and school, and for getting all the pieces of the puzzle together for what comes after this year, once I figure out what the picture is that I'm trying to create. I'm getting there, though.

If I stay in France (which depends on many things) I won't be staying in Tours. Time to move on, fly with the cranes, look for another new place to see and live and explore and work. There needs to be a massage therapist not too far away, and if goats and chickens and cats are involved, all the better. Not involved in the massage, of course. There is research going on, and letters will be written soon.
New horizons beckon.

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  1. Vaneza stuck all sorts of pins in my head last week to help rid me of a migraine. It worked, too, but maybe next time I'll suggest pins in the belly button to free me from the work-related inertia I've been experiencing. But maybe not - does sound painful. Maybe just the threat will be enough to motivate me... I'm waiting for the pelicans instead of cranes, but Ruth's violets are blooming and that keeps me happy. MOX