Saturday, April 27, 2013

Rabbit Liver On Toast

I'm making braised rabbit in wine tomorrow night, and yesterday when I bought half a rabbit from Michel in the Le Colombier van after he pulled up in the apartment parking lot, having chosen the front half of the rabbit when remembering how chewy the back legs were the last time I cooked rabbit, he looked up over his shoulder as he was cleavering the rabbit into bits and said, "Do you want the liver?" When I hesitated, one of my neighbors piped up and said, "Oh, yes, take it - it's wonderful sautéed on toast." So that's what I'm eating for dinner tonight, along with a salad of chopped lettuce, roasted broccoli, pistachios, and cornichons in a lemon-mustard vinaigrette. I cooked the liver a bit too long but it's not dry, or liver-y. It has a nice flavor, in fact, with just a hint of the new garlic I added to the oil in the pan. I will not hesitate, the next time.

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