Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A New Phase

It's time to pack the suitcases again and move on to the next adventure. I leave tomorrow morning on the train from Grenoble to Paris, where I'll spend a few days getting lost, undoubtedly, though I hope I remember Mom's suggestions for orienting myself relative to the location and the map. It's supposed to be sunny, and that will help. I might be able to catch up on blogging while I'm there, and post the pictures of my afternoon in Grenoble, and the morning I helped 5-year-olds make cheese. And of course I have many pictures of the dairy here, and all of my thoughts and notes to write up into something that I might be able to pitch as an article to a cheese-centric magazine or website eventually.

Next destination: Pau and the pig farm!


  1. Remember that the top of the map is always north, but that does NOT mean that you are always facing north! Check out two consecutive road intersections, then orient the map to match those road intersections. There will be a compass in your stocking this year! Have fun. mox

  2. You forget that all the maps of Paris are printed upside down, and that many streets don't have visible signage or numbering. However, as you remember, I *always* know where I'm going and have no problem finding my way around.