Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Vigeland Park, Oslo

If it had been a nicer day, I would have spent more time at Vigeland Park, and seen more of the sculptures, but it was not and I didn't. It is a popular place though, and I saw families with children, and bikers and joggers, and lots of tourists despite the weather. The park is full of trees and of the works of Gustav Vigeland, who also designed the layout of the park; construction of the sculpture bridge and many of the other works on display were completed towards the end of his life, in the late 1930s. His studio is on the grounds of the park, along with over 200 works of various sizes and shapes scattered over 80 acres.

I must admit that Vigeland as an artist left me about as cold as the grey and misty weather did, but I did have fun giving my own names to the sculptures I saw, and watching how people interacted with the ones on the bridge. One of the first ones you see is what I called "Woman Wrestling With Armadillo" (below, left, seagull not guaranteed).

And of course the famous "Man Throwing Baby Off Bridge." Because the sculptures on the bridge are all of human figures, it naturally inspires people to imitate the poses, and have their pictures taken in the midst of such imitation.

Though I didn't see anyone trying to imitate any of the more complicated poses.

Cha cha cha!

But it is a lovely open public space, and if I am ever in Oslo during the summer, I expect it's someplace I'll enjoy wandering through. A good place for a picnic, or just for people-watching, especially if some of the younger and more flexible tourists attempt to duplicate the larger sculptures. And it's guarded by some very fine dragons, as well.

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