Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Qu'est-ce qu'il y a à manger?

I can't eat cheese (though I have been tasting it, and then regretting the fact, so I've stopped that now) but Mom can eat cheese, so we have been buying representative samples in the various regions of France we've visited. We didn't get a Rocamadour at Rocamadour but we did buy one once we got to Le Paradou, and before we left Provence we picked up a chestnut-leaf-wrapped Banon. We ate well in Provence, taking advantage of the fresh vegetables and the olives, and of course the delicious rosé wines.

I apologize to John's arteries and his doctor but I was sort of living vicariously through him for a while, buying sweet-smelling yeasty breads and flaky pastries for him to eat. And I watched as Mom devoured the cheeses. Sigh.

Mussels aren't exactly native to the Champagne region but we had some very good ones at the harborside bistro, with really great frites. We might have some more this week, now that we're closer to the Atlantic.

As well as the French onion soup, John had a French grilled cheese sandwich, the croque-monsieur filled with ham and cheese and topped with a béchamel sauce and more cheese and put under the broiler. In Vernon he had a version topped with a fried egg. Mom and I have been buying gluten-free bread wherever we find it - there's a new (to me) brand now, Allergo, which produces quite tasty baguettes that are even closer to the real thing than the Schar brand I've been eating, though I still like Schär's seeded rolls, which we've been eating with vegetable soup this week.

We'll have lunch in Paris today; we're taking the train from Rouen in to visit the Louvre. It's a cold rainy day here, though yesterday was nice and sunny, so we'll spend it inside looking at beautiful things.

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