Friday, May 17, 2013

The Graveyard at Comps, France

We stopped because we could, on the way back from the Pont du Gard. We'd gotten caught in the rain at the bridge, and were damp and chilled, but not as cold as the occupants of the crypts at this roadside cemetery. Because Mom and I both like walking around looking at grave markers, and because John is willing to go along with pretty much anything, and because it wasn't raining at the moment, we parked and went in. The crypts and grave markers were dated no earlier than about the late 19th century, and most of them seemed to be from the early 1920s onward. I saw a photo of a young man with a very 1970s haircut who died in the 1970s before he turned 20, and there were lots of photographs taken by Louis Daguerre's invention around the turn of the century (the last century, that is) and placed on marble slabs with plaques for "our dear mother" and "beloved father" who died at the age of 67 or 80 or 95. And then the rain started again, and we got back into the warm car, shivering and alive.

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