Friday, June 14, 2013

Louis-Napoléon's Chandeliers (and Eugénie's Loveseat)

If I were a good photojournalist (which I should probably be practicing, given that I'd like to make at least some money writing articles for other places than my blog) I would summarize the history of Napoléon III and the impact he had on French history (and cheesemaking, at least peripherally) and maybe even go into a bit of detail around the building of the wing now included in the Louvre museum that connected the older structure with the relatively new Tuileries palace, which was burned down during the uprisings which also took this last emperor of France out of power, though the reorganization and rebuilding of Paris into the lovely star- and tree-filled city that it is remains as a legacy of his vision.

Instead, I'll just stare entranced at the glittery prisms of the fantastic chandeliers, and imagine myself in a high-waisted dress, trailing my gloved finger over the velvet edges of the chairs, discussing the correct seating of the luminaries invited to dine in the grand salle à manger and whether there would be dancing, after. Imagine that I don't need to earn a living doing anything other than traveling around photographing interesting things. It will work for a little while, anyway, until the lights go out and the museum janitorial staff come in. Shhhh ...

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