Sunday, July 7, 2013

Forever Blowing Bubbles

I wonder sometimes if I should deliberately put words in my posts that will drive traffic to this site, having always in the back of my mind the thought that since I sort of maybe plan on doing something vaguely commercial and profitable with it, eventually, someday, having more than a few dozen hits a week would probably make it more attractive to, say, book publishers. Not that I'm not grateful to you, loyal readers! And actually after my first foray into cheese writing at the beginning, the site quickly became what its two previous versions were, a place for me to ramble on, to share my travels, to put up photos - and I'm okay with that. But it's true that the post I wrote on the dairy in Hawai'i and the one on a specific type of French cheese are the ones that have gotten the most visits, probably because those were the exact keywords people were searching for.

Let's see how this would work.

Hot French women! The sun is back with a vengeance and it's been in the high 80s (30C) for several days, with several more to come. I've been trying to take my walks first thing in the morning before it gets too horrid. This morning after I'm done posting I'm going to go to the pool and swim, and hope to beat the mob who heads to the park by the lake to cool off.

Make money fast! By working. A lot. I'm lucky to have the opportunity to work with a client whose business is booming, and he's sending me enough work that I'm going to be busy for the rest of the month. When it's too hot to be outside, I'll be in my bedroom/office, writing and typing and recording voiceovers, or else in the cool dimness of the stone-walled library at the IEHCA, looking up information for another project I have simmering in my head.

Miracle health food! I bought fresh sardines at the market last week, and did them up in an escabeche style. I needed something with calcium, since I've been forgetting to take my supplements, and if you cook them whole and crunch up their little bones that gives a good percentage of the RDV, along with massive amounts of vitamin B-12 and omega-3 fatty acids. I bought the sablaises from Les Sables-d'Olonne, on the Atlantic coast to the west-southwest of Tours, rather than the Basque variety. I gutted them and tossed them in some cornstarch, then sautéed a big yellow onion in some olive oil and a grinding of salt. When it was soft I fried the sardines in the same pan. Then I took half the onions and put them in the bottom of a dish just large enough to hold the sardines, put the sardines in a single layer over them, and deglazed the pan holding the rest of the onions with about a third of a cup of white balsamic vinegar, which I poured over the sardines. A thick blanket of fresh parsley for the top, and into the refrigerator they went for two days. Delicious.

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