Monday, January 6, 2014

Back To School

Back to school, and my daily postprandial stroll. Some things have changed: the corn is long gone from the fields, and I noticed that all of the kiwi trees/bushes/vines/whatever they are were trimmed back recently, leaving just two or four high arching branches over the supporting wires, and a tangle of twisted stubs covering the ground between the rows. The flocks of starlings were gone, but the blackberry bushes under the huge tree where they paused in their migration are covered in white splotches. Some things are the same: a meat and potatoes lunch, a rambling economics lecture, a group of students standing just outside the property line to smoke. Fortunately, while the "same" category includes the large handful of disruptively chattering and giggling (male and female) students who I let drive me to tears last month, what's different is that the teachers - at least the two we had yesterday - are not as willing to let the disruption stand. Whether word went around that the odd American student had une crise de nerfs at the end of the last term, or whether the teachers themselves decided that enough was enough, discipline is being enforced. My prayers at Lourdes have been answered.

Five weeks of classes ahead, including offsite visits to a place where they make jambon de Bayonne, and the start of work on our personal projects. The end is in sight, the goal attainable.

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