Thursday, February 13, 2014

Jeu de Mots

I've always liked playing with words, and now that I've got two languages to play with, it's twice the fun. Even if what I come up with isn't exactly - or in any way similar to - what a French person would say or write. Since the holiday season is over and so fewer people think of buying the premade gift boxes we were selling in December, I decided to try to stimulate sales with a Valentine's Day version. Stand out from the crowd - don't give chocolates, give pork products! And duck and bee products. Florence laughed at what I came up with, and at least fifty percent of the laughter I think was because my plays on words were a little bizarre to her, but as always she's rolling with it, and who knows? Maybe that extra moment a customer takes to look at the setup will inspire them to buy something they hadn't planned on.

I picked the products that could be somehow, in my English-speaking-French-attempting mind, related to love or hearts, so (from top right clockwise) we have the following:

an assortment of duck bits in confit, including hearts, gizzards, and wings, that traditionally make up a farm-style salade composée with potatoes and onions and greens

a jar of local mountain honey

a pot of the fatty meaty spread the Bergeras call chinchous

a section of pork loin (longe) in confit

And here are my plays on words related to those products:

"I give you my heart!" (and my gizzard)

"It's our honeymoon!"

"You're my little cabbage fatty-meat-spread!" Okay, I'll admit that this one is a bit of a stretch; although mon petit chou is a fairly common endearment, translating as "my little cabbage," the ch-sound is (soft) sh in chou and (hard) ch in chinchous, so it doesn't work as a pun so well in spoken form. And maybe not in written form, either ...

"I'll love you a long(e) time!" Also kind of forced, as wordplay goes, but it works for me.

I wasn't able to come up with anything non-phallic for the saucisson in the middle of the box, and after trying and failing to find a family-friendly phrase, I asked Florence what she would say. She thought for a minute.

"The harder it gets, the better it is?"

Happy Valentine's Day!

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