Saturday, March 1, 2014

Rabbit, Rabbit

I saw an old story on the NPR news feed this morning about saying "rabbit, rabbit" on the first day of each month for good luck the rest of the month. I'd been seeing the occasional "rabbit, rabbit" comment on friends' Facebook posts, and each time wondered why, but never followed up to figure it out. Now I know. And so I said it this morning, hoping for good luck this month as I head out on Monday for two weeks of microbiology and quality control and business management classes. I'm already feeling a little stressed out.

It will be dorm life for me on the campus at Hasparren. I'm taking my computer, and while I have been assured that there is wi-fi available, whether this is (a) true; (b) true, but only if you have your own paid internet/phone account; or (c) not true, as several other things related to this school program have turned out to be, remains to be seen. I may not be on line for two weeks, in other words. However, I'll be spending the weekend in between with Marie-Morgane, a friend I met at the cheese program last year in Tours, at her home in Bayonne, and I'll probably be able to at least check my e-mail at that point. Or maybe I'll just take a two-week vacation from the internet.

À bientôt, mes petits lapins.

February 2005, Portland, Oregon

July 2005, Cannon Beach, Oregon

September 2007, Corinium Museum, Cirencester, UK

October 2008, Gresham, Oregon

March 2011, Indio, California

Lapin grillé: Fendez l’animal sur toute sa longueur, aplatissez-le avec le couperet; enveloppez-le de papier beurré et le mettez sur le gril. Lorsque le lapin est cuit, déballez-le et servez-le sur du beurre d’anchois ou sur du beurre manié de fines herbes. Le lapin ainsi préparé est plus succulent que bouilli.
   - Baron Léon Brisse
     Le calendrier gastronomique pour l’année 1867

Consommé au tapioca.
Friture de tanches à la sauce tomates.
Lapin grillé.
Filet de bœuf rôti.
Macédoine de légumes à la béchamel.
Dumpling aux pommes.

Grilled rabbit: Split the animal lengthwise, flatten it with the side of the cleaver; wrap it in buttered parchment paper and put it on the grill. When the rabbit is cooked, unwrap it and serve it with anchovy butter, or butter mixed with chopped fresh chives, parsley, chervil, and tarragon. Rabbit prepared in this way is more succulent than when it is boiled.

August 2012, Tours, France

May 2013, Rouen, France

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