Friday, March 28, 2014

Weekend At The Sea: Biarritz

Thank goodness for generous friends. After the first week of classes and dormitory life, I needed a break, and I got one, thanks to Marie-Morgane and her family, who welcomed me into their home near Bayonne for the weekend. She came to pick me up at school, where I was waiting on the front steps in the late afternoon sunshine (finally sunshine, after a week of rain and hail) and watching the lizards dart and squabble (or something; I wasn't going to ask for details, but they were very intense about it).

I threw my suitcase into the trunk and off we went to the west and the seaside, leaving the green hills for the sandy pine forests along the Côte d'Argent. We picked her mother up outside of Bayonne and drove to Biarritz for an apéro at a sunny café overlooking the promenade. Such a change from the mid-November visit to Biarritz I made with Florence and Michaëla, when we walked along the waterfront in the wind, watching the grey waves foam and crash.

That Friday evening it was clear and calm, the air warming but still chilly after the week of storms. I sipped a glass of dry Jurançon and watched the sparrows hopping between the tables, and the light glinting off the water, and felt my shoulders relaxing and my mouth turning up into a smile that would stay with me for the next two days.

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