Monday, May 12, 2014

Looking Brighter

Just a quick update to counterbalance my previous less than enthusiastic post about being back in school here at Etcharry; while I still haven't done my project paper, we've been given a good bit of free time - most afternoons - to work on this, and I found out another student hasn't started their paper either, so I don't feel like I'm the lone slacker. I still don't understand French tax law and am finding it very, very difficult to keep numbers and concepts in my head from one day to the next, so the final exam we'll have on this next week should be ... interesting. On the other hand, I got high-ish marks (15/20) on two other exams from the last session, and a 16/20 on the marketing exam from the first months at Montardon. And wonder of wonders, a 10/20 - the minimum to pass - on the second economics exam. It's odd, because I thought I understood the first class fairly well, and wrote about 7 or 8 pages for the exam, and got 9 points; with this one, not only was I out of my head on codeine, he asked us to explain a concept that I didn't get at all, so it was essentially three pages or less (I honestly don't remember, I was that spaced out) of me talking about why I didn't get it at all. This gives me a bit of a margin for my project paper score, which will be counted in with the exams.

The student I was to be sharing a room with for a few days decided to not stay in the dorms, so I have my private room all week, and just finished rearranging the furniture to suit my needs, putting the two small tables together to make a larger desk and workspace, and pushing the beds out of the way so I could plug in the computer. The only outlet in the room is behind where they put one of the beds, and the frame covers it entirely. The last time we were here it was hot and sunny, and the heaters in the bedrooms were going full blast with no way to turn them down, which is one of the reasons why I had the windows open at night, and why I came back covered with mosquito bites. I have bug spray with me this time, but the windows are staying closed for now, because it's barely 50F out there right now - and so of course all of the heaters have been shut off, with no way to turn them on. Also they've been spreading manure on the fields across the road, so it's quite fragrant outdoors.

All this to say that I'm starting the week with optimism and determination, and successfully kept myself from getting angry this morning at the constant, constant chatter that slows our classes down so much, which I hope means I can keep my temper all week long. And now ... to the project paper!

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