Monday, May 5, 2014

The Places Between

500 kilometres over two days; a lot of driving for Florence, a lot of dozing in the back seat for Michaëla, a lot of picture-taking for me, a lot of fun for all three of us, or so I hope. I certainly had a good time. We drove south from Agnos over the Somport Pass and instead of stopping in Canfranc we kept going south to Jaca, where we had lunch. Then east to Pamplona, crossing the rivers that run down into the drier lands on that side of the Pyrénées, the eroded hillsides changing from red-dirt conglomerate to a strange sandy grey. North into France again in the steep and lushly-wooded valleys around Aldudes where we spent the night with a friend of Florence's, then out of that valley to Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port and a U-turn into the next valley over, headed for the Col de Roncevaux - and then a telephone call from Frédéric that had us making another U-turn to make an unplanned side trip to Bayonne and the restaurant-supply shop there where we found someone to repair the meat slicer which had broken down, and I convinced Florence to buy a large heavy-duty skimmer for the shop. Three hours later we were winding back up the valley to Roncevaux Pass again, then down to skirt the southern edges of the mountains eastward for an hour until we turned north again and crossed the Pyrénées for the fourth and final time via the pass at the Pic d'Orhy, two kilometres high, leading us down to the end of our five hundred-kilometre road trip. Merci beaucoup, Florence!

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