Thursday, May 8, 2014

Traffic Jam In Agnos

Outside the butchery at Oloron-Saint-Pée there are daily (sometimes twice daily) sheep commutes from field to field that tie up traffic for a few minutes; there's the herd that goes by under the supervision of the man in his 50s on a bicycle, with the help of a dog who knows his business and keeps the sheep moving along briskly towards the fields by the river. And then there's the smaller herd of sheep that tend to wander wherever they like, including into the yard by the shop, nibbling on bushes and flowers and grass, yelled at by the man in his 90s who also rides a bike, and who is not helped at all by the dog who believes that the most important thing is to bark at the bike pedals instead of the sheep.

Lately in Agnos the cows have been moving back and forth, and on the days I'm working at home I'll occasionally look out the glass doors to the patio to see a wide-eyed cow on the front lawn before she's chased back into the road by the man in his 70s, who has to get off his bicycle to round up the herd members who decide that Florence's cherry tree or the freshly-plowed corn fields are more interesting than wherever their final destination is. I'm going to miss living here, though England has its share of free-ranging farm animals as well. I love visiting cities like Paris and London but I think I'm a farm girl at heart - must be my Indiana origins.

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