Sunday, May 11, 2014

Two Weeks

Two weeks left in the school program but they are turning out to be the hardest, due to my lack of interest in French tax law and my personal project, which I have (un)successfully put off until the very last minute. I think I'm going to be barely scraping by on grades (one half of the point total) although I'm fairly confident I'll get better than a "good enough" on my rapport de stage that's due in June (the other half of the point total). Just two more weeks. I can do this. And then ... I can go do something else for a while. I'm looking forward to that, though I'll miss working with Florence and her family. I'll be here in southwest France through the end of July, and then I'm on the road again, across (technically under [yikes!]) La Manche to England and Scotland.

But I can't talk about that now, because I need to stay focused on the present and all that I have to do to finish up on the 10-plus side of the grade sheets, produce a reasonable facsimile of a personal project paper, and not lose my temper for a final time with the students who talk in class constantly. Two weeks.


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