Saturday, June 14, 2014

So Little Time

I've a huge backlog of photographs and posts and stories and thoughts to put on this blog. Pamplona. Paris. Pigs.


If the due date hadn't been offset by a week, I'd be frantically pulling together my final paper to mail out on Monday. As it is, I'm frantically pulling it together anyway, since I also have a huge backlog of tasks to complete in order to finish the paper. Would you like to hear about how to calculate the price of a pot of pâté? I'll send you a copy of the rapport de stage if you like. You can even have it in English, because I write in English and then translate to French (it's quicker that way).

Anyway, that's why you'll have to wait for the details of my birthday weekend in Paris, assuming you were waiting, that is. This weekend is devoted to the paper, and the upcoming week as well, except for the hours (and hours) at the pig farm; Jeannette and Éloi set off this morning for a week's vacation, which means two fewer people to cut up and process the carcasses, which means instead of two or three 12-hour days, there will likely be four or five. And no home-cooked lunches, either, unless I cook them myself! Life is rough.

But it's also wonderful, and getting better all the time, and full of lovely memories of the past. I like to go back through my years of photos sometimes, just to smile and remember, and feel grateful for what has been, is, will be. So today it's a look at what I was doing and where I was on (or around) June 15 back to 2006, one year before the inauguration of Global Wind Day, which I'm celebrating today with a long-winded introduction to what was supposed to be a short blog post, because I really, really need to focus on my paper now ...

2013: A rainy walk through the Jardin Botanique in Tours, France.

2012: A day trip with Gwen and Dick Carlson around San Francisco Bay.

2011: A sunny walk through SE Portland.

2010: Traveling by bike in Portland, and one of the last blurry photos taken with my old camera.

2009: Gay Pride parade in downtown Portland.

2008: Play date with Leah and Morgan, Holladay Park, NE Portland.

2007: Double throwback picture of Queen Elizabeth II reviewing the troops, which I watched on television in Ashburton, England, while remembering being part of the crowd watching Queen Elizabeth II reviewing the troops on my high school trip to England in 1980.

2006: Dreaming of taking flight, as the first pieces of this world-travel lifestyle plan started to come together, helped by sunshine and the sound of the ocean in Gold Beach, Oregon.

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  1. Beth, only if I had enough time to fully savor your words and ingest the photographs with all their colourful play and detail of image. I'll be back...