Sunday, August 3, 2014

Good Enough Again

While I don't have the actual piece of paper yet, I now have an image of the facsimile that the program secretary e-mailed to me, digital proof that my performance was assez bien encore une fois and that I am registered in France as the holder of a licence professionnelle that will (in theory) allow me to get a job in the agricultural sector. I'm not sure I'll ever use it for that purpose, but it's nice to have. And you never know; I may end up going back to France (weird to not be writing "coming back" any more) and actually looking for work some day, when I'm tired of the vagabond life and want to settle down.

"Be sure to let me know what you become," said the secretary in her note, "and what work or further studies you're doing, because the Conseil Régional is going to be asking me for that information soon." I am not sure that the Conseil Régional will be particularly pleased that I am not planning on using anything I learned in the last ten months, at least not yet. But with two of the four housesits now not looking good - one woman has cancelled her trip, another couple is trying to rework theirs to match a change in plans - I may end up at a dairy sooner rather than later. I'll know more about that in the next few weeks, I hope. So my newly-gained knowledge about adding value to small-scale regional agricultural products and businesses might come in handy sooner than I had planned. One thing's sure though - I am not going back to school again. At least not if there are dormitories and 20-year-olds involved.

La réussite!

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