Friday, September 26, 2014

Pondering My Next Move

Tomorrow I get on the train and head north to York, where I will be taking care of three cats and a long-legged Saluki cross until mid-October. Then I'll get back on the train and go even further north, to visit relatives who live outside of Glasgow. I'm not entirely certain how long I'll stay there but I need to be back down by Plymouth around the 28th of October at the latest, and then I'm set to go through the first week of January when I finish up my final UK housesit in London.

I am still hoping to be chosen as a volunteer for the Geilo Ice Music Festival, but I've decided to go to Norway in January anyway to see Bea in Flekkefjord, whether I go on to Geilo in February or not. My plan is to go first to Buckie, spend some time with my Scottish relatives there, then fly from Aberdeen to Stavanger. Eventually I will get to Oslo, and then - change in plans again! I have decided to go to Hungary. I'd like to connect with my Magyar heritage. I have absolutely no idea how I am going to pull this off, but now is the time to start writing to Hungarian cheesemakers, looking into the Workaway opportunities, and putting this post out into the ether to see what sort of energy begins sparking through the universe to help get me to my goals.

Azonban, a határ a csillagos ég úgy szép az élet, ha zajlik. Kérem segítsen, a légpárnás hajóm tele van angolnákkal.

"The Lewis Chessmen ... were probably made in Norway, about AD 1150-1200. At this period, the Western Isles, where the chess pieces were buried, were part of the Kingdom of Norway, not Scotland. It seems likely they were buried for safe keeping on route to be traded in Ireland ... The chess pieces consist of elaborately worked walrus ivory and whales' teeth in the forms of seated kings and queens, bishops, knights on their mounts, standing warders and pawns in the shape of obelisks." - British Museum website

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