Monday, September 1, 2014

Pub Lunch

How many ways can I procrastinate before facing the now-monthly problem of fitting all of my crap back into two suitcases and a waterproof stuff sack? I'm sure I'll find some more. I have all of these pictures to post, and a book to finish so that I don't have to find room for that somewhere, and of course now that I'm not technically housesitting, the family having very kindly allowed me to stay an extra day as a houseguest, I'm trying to stay out of their way, so instead of making lunch, I went to the church on the corner for lunch.

It was a church at one time, anyway. Now it's an Irish-in-quotes pub, one of four dozen O'Neill's scattered around the UK, though not in Northern Ireland, and nowhere in Ireland itself. As it's a chain owned by a huge pub conglomerate, it's definitely not the place to go for homemade food, but for less than five pounds their meal deal isn't bad, and even if it did come out of big plastic buckets, it was quite tasty. I opted for a jacket potato and of the eight or ten fillings I could choose, picked barbecued pulled pork and a really nice apple and celeriac slaw. My contribution to the Labor Day festivities, from the other side of the Atlantic, though I've been wishing I were wandering around the Cascades with the Shirleys, this weekend ...

Tomorrow: Salisbury!

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