Monday, June 15, 2015

Coming Out Of The Mist

Central Park, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir, June 15th

The first two weeks of June have not been so good. Forced to leave the wonders of Europe by completely unnecessary visa regulations I find myself wandering the expensive streets of New York City and the even more expensive streets of Washington DC unable to continue avoiding the fact that my rapidly dwindling bank account is not going to be sufficiently bolstered by freelance writing, and that therefore I need to find work immediately or sooner. Having received no response to the first set of cover letters I sent out for jobs I'm quite qualified for I have also come to the conclusion that I'm not all that, though with luck someone will recognize my stellar talents, such as they are, in the next few weeks.

My work computer appears to be almost completely borked (battery dead, network driver acting weird so I can't access most websites, unable to install updates or even figure out which updates need to be done) and this French computer doesn't have the memory to support the software I need (plus its battery is almost as bad as the other one's) and the AZERTY keyboard is not optimal for doing a lot of writing, though I'm getting used to it. So I have decided to finish up the last two articles in the first series of articles I was hired to write - the one I spent my days in Serbia slogging over - and tell my client that the next two sets are just going to have to wait. If he wants to hire another writer, I think I am fine with that. But until my computer situation improves, it will be less easy to earn money by writing. And I can't get a new computer without money. And I can't get money without a job.

Therefore, I am putting all of my energy into two things: applying for jobs, and enjoying the next three weeks with family and friends here on the East Coast and in the Midwest instead of stressing out about writing projects and what-comes-next anxieties. I'll catch up on my travel blog too, though since Blogger is one of the sites I can't get to on the main computer (where all the pictures are downloaded) it will involve a little more work, moving photos back and forth, but then that will be done, and it might cheer me up, looking at reminders of how much fun I had traveling with Mom and John, and visiting friends in France before I left, and playing tourist in America in cities I've never been to before. It won't help my bank balance now, but it will certainly help my mental state. I don't want to get lost in the mist again.

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