Sunday, November 8, 2015

Escaping The Office

Although I'm still waking up before sunrise, at least it's lighter when I leave the house. But the sun doesn't really come up from behind the Cascades until I'm caught in the canyon of the downtown buildings, and sometimes the only sunlight I see all day comes reflected in off the tall glass towers on the other side of the street. Because I leave early to avoid the worst of the morning commute (no escaping the crowd in the afternoon, I'm afraid), I'm generally done eating lunch before noon, which means my hour-long break can be devoted to getting outside, especially in search of the sun.

Two blocks north by five blocks east equals ten minutes to the greenway along the Willamette, and the loop from the west side up to the Burnside Bridge, over to the Eastbank Esplanade, and back via the Hawthorne Bridge takes just under sixty minutes if I'm not constantly stopping to take pictures. Which I generally am, but sometimes a relaxing stroll with artistic intentions is just as refreshing as a brisk aerobic circuit at the water's edge, and while I didn't get my heart rate up that day, I've got pictures to put up on this blog, in what is turning out to be my bimonthly "coucou, je suis toujours là" post.

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