Sunday, November 29, 2015

Of Course There Was Pie

This is the dessert that turned out well, a cranberry-currant pie with cognac, based on David Lebovitz's Cranberry Raisin Pie recipe. I used currants instead of cranberries, and soaked them in the juice of two oranges instead of water, and didn't squeeze out the extra liquid because there wasn't a lot of it, and I wanted the orange flavor. I used cognac instead of the orange liqueur, from a small bottle shaped like the Eiffel Tower that I got in the duty-free shop at Charles de Gaulle, la dernière goutte de ma vie française, hélas. And instead of the cup of sugar, I drizzled in a tablespoon of raw honey that I'd gotten at the farmer's market on Wednesday. Oh, and I only had gluten-free pie crust for the bottom, so had to put a sheet of foil over the top of the pie during the last half of the baking so it didn't dry out. I liked it. I also had some of Mom's green tomato mincemeat pie, but couldn't taste Ben's pumpkin pie or his double-crusted apple pie, both of which got buried under avalanches of whipped cream when Morgan and Leah served themselves. And there was ice cream and coconut-based whipped topping as well, plus eggnog and maple syrup for the French toast this morning, and all in all I had more sugar this weekend than I think I ate in the entire month of October, when I started my elimination diet. Which I am going back to, for the most part, and so no more desserts (or at least not in that quantity), any time soon. I'll make that cranberry-currant pie again, though. Just as soon as I go back to France for more cognac.

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